EDITORIAL: Achieving the SDGs through Eco-sufficiency

By Leida Rijnhout, Friends of the Earth Europe Our current level of overconsumption in Europe is plundering the Earth’s resources at a faster rate than they can be regenerated. As a result, environmental and social breakdowns are visible. The number of murdered environmental defenders is increasing every year. This is because the overexploitation of natural […]

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Will the CAP continue to fail to deliver on sustainability?

By Gabor Figeczky- IFOAM Organics International A couple of weeks ago, the European Commission adopted a Communication on the Future of Food and Farming, setting out the EU’s direction for the future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). IFOAM – Organics International believe that the Communication lacks strategy to realise the Commission’s wider intentions to shift towards more […]

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A reformed EU budget for a sustainable European future

By Klara Hajdu, CEEWeb The future EU budget should cut wasteful spending, increase coherence and put sustainability at its heart. The People’s Budget campaign, which is backed by SDG Watch Europe, calls for specific reforms to bring the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) in line with sustainable development, including ambitious implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. A […]

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SUSY Map – Mapping the Social & Solidarity Economy Initiatives all over Europe

SUSY or Sustainable and Solidarity Economy is a project which brings together and shows examples of the solidarity economy. The SUSY online platform maps social and solidarity enterprises and is live and updated with more than 1,200 cooperatives, social initiatives, co-working spaces, food and agriculture initiatives, self-organized and self-managed efforts and any other type of […]

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Not fit for purpose: SDG monitoring report fails to illustrate how far the EU is from a sustainable future

SDG Watch Europe has released its five questions commentary on Eurostat report “Sustainable Development in the European Union – Monitoring report on progress towards the SDGs in an EU context”. Summary SDG Watch Europe criticises today’s Eurostat Report on Sustainable Development in the EU for failing to adequately illustrate progress and failure in the implementation of the […]

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ASviS publishes 2nd report on Italy & the SDGs

Will Italy succeed in drastically reducing poverty, unemployment and inequalities, protecting the environment and combating climate change, improving the population’s quality of life and building resilient infrastructure? How is the country doing with respect to the UN’s 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), agreed to by countries all over the world two […]

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Without governments stepping up climate action at COP23, we will all be left behind

As climate change poses a major challenge to achieve Agenda 2030, countries need to reaffirm their commitment to the Paris Agreement and to its implementation with greater ambition. IFOAM – Organics International calls on parties to the first ever climate COP to be hosted by a small–island state to concentrate on alleviating the problems of […]

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NGDO Platform finds innovative ways to engage Lithuanians on the SDGs

For several years, polls have consistently shown that the SDGs remain a mystery to many in Lithuania. This year, in order to change the statistics and create more awareness, the Lithuanian NGDO Platform chose several interactive methods for our SDGs campaign, from creating SDG ambassadors, running a hackathon to tackle human trafficking, to using forum […]

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