#EuropeanFootprints #WhatDoYouCareAbout stories for a sustainable future: Responsible life choices

By Anna, Finland  The past years have been overshadowed by worsening environmental problems and climate change. As these problems have become more evident and severe, a lot of people are now overwhelmed with feelings of inadequacy and hopelessness. While it is true that solving the climate crisis requires determined and radical action from governments and […]

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Launch of 4D podcast for wardrobe change campaign: Remode-Toi!

By Antoine Sanouillet, Association 4D The Remode Toi! podcast by Association 4D seeks to end the nightmare caused by the textile industry with alternatives and ethical solutions. Association 4D has met actors committed to a sustainable way to make, recycle, reuse, renew and sell textiles. These people work everyday to change the view we have […]

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By Emily Macintosh, EEB Fashion has been earmarked for new green rules as part of an EU masterplan to move Europe away from the ‘take-make-use-throw away’ economy. The EU is consuming as if we had three planets, putting huge pressure on our natural resources. And overproduction and overconsumption of fashion – which has doubled since […]

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By KATY WIESE, EEB Sunday 8 March marked the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (BPfA), a ground-breaking resolution that set out objectives in 12 key areas for the advancement of women’s rights. Last Sunday also marked International Women’s Day, when millions of people around the world took […]

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By Make Mothers Matter In February, Make Mothers Matter responded to the Roadmap of the European Commission strategy on Gender Equality (2020-2024) which was published on 5th March 2020. In our response we advocated that gender equality is achievable if unpaid care work, greatly responsible for the pay and pension gaps, is recognised as a […]

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First ever online UNECE Regional Forum on Sustainable Development

By Nadège Lharaig, EEB On March 19, the UNECE Regional Forum on Sustainable Development was held online for the first time due to the Covid-19 crisis. Originally a 1,5 day event, it was scaled-down as a half-day online event and the outcome was rather disappointing. An online event was indeed needed to prevent more the […]

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Regeneration – Sustainability – Integration – El Valle

By La Bolina, Spain  We’d like to introduce Charaf (pictured above) who is officially moving to El Valle today as La Bolina’s first full-time paid member of staff! Over the last year Charaf has taken part in our training programme ‘Cultivando Futuros’, been mentored by La Bolina co-founder and agroecology trainer Habiba and taken responsibility […]

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#EuropeanFootprints #WhatDoYouCareAbout stories for a sustainable future: Energy

By Giulia, Italy I am proud of having lived in Scotland for many years, a country that is striving to gain 100% of its electricity from renewable energy sources by 2020. Although I studied in Aberdeen, the Oil and Gas Capital of Europe, I realized shortly after my graduation that renewable energy was the way […]

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Gender-based violence and environment linkages

By Itzá Castañeda Camey, Laura Sabater, Cate Owren and A. Emmett Boyer Jamie Wen, editor. Published by IUCN Around the world, it is estimated that one in three women and girls will experience gender-based violence (GBV) during their lifetime (World Bank, 2019). Rooted in discriminatory gender norms and laws and shrouded in impunity, GBV occurs […]

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