Next UN Environment Assembly UNEA-5

The next UN Environment Assembly UNEA-5 will take place in Nairobi on 22-26 February 2021. The theme of the next Assembly is “Strengthening Actions for Nature to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.” The theme calls for strengthened action to protect and restore nature and nature-based solutions to achieve the sustainable development goals in their three […]

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Wardrobe Change: Reimagining Fashion

By World Vision Ireland The current pandemic has forced many planned events to be cancelled, changed and postponed. The MESA implementing partners in Ireland – World Vision Ireland and the Irish Environmental Network – had planned a conference focusing on SDGs, Fashion and Waste during Fashion Revolution Week. However, like many others, we had to […]

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#EuropeanFootprints #WhatDoYouCareAbout stories for a sustainable future: Urban spaces and connections

By David, Slovenia  By 2030, it is expected that 5 billion people will live in cities worldwide. However, this increasing trend towards urbanization brings about several issues. Among these urban challenges are traffic congestion, the disappearance of green spaces, waste management, pollution, and the need to provide enough job opportunities, adequate housing, and resources such […]

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Coronavirus highlights need for EU to end toxic textile trade

Published as the joint vision of  65 civil society groups (see list of signatories in the article) Key points of the vision are: – Companies must take responsibility for their whole supply chain – Now is the time for stricter environmental rules – Broad coalition of fair trade, human and workers’ rights, environmental, and transparency […]

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Free online course on Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development

By UN System Staff College Knowledge Centre for Sustainable Development We are pleased to inform you of the upcoming free online course on Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development. This engaging online course is designed to equip participants with a sound understanding of why policy coherence is important for achieving sustainable development, what coherent policy-making entails, […]

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SDG Watch Europe Steering Group Statement on Covid

SDG Watch Europe is an EU-level, cross-sectoral CSO alliance of NGOs from development, environment, social, human rights and other sectors. The mission of SDG Watch Europe is to work to ensure that the EU and its member states fully implement the SDGs by 2030. Pandemics do not respect national boundaries. As COVID-19 continues to create unprecedented impact […]

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#EuropeanFootprints #WhatDoYouCareAbout stories for a sustainable future: Responsible life choices

By Anna, Finland  The past years have been overshadowed by worsening environmental problems and climate change. As these problems have become more evident and severe, a lot of people are now overwhelmed with feelings of inadequacy and hopelessness. While it is true that solving the climate crisis requires determined and radical action from governments and […]

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Launch of 4D podcast for wardrobe change campaign: Remode-Toi!

By Antoine Sanouillet, Association 4D The Remode Toi! podcast by Association 4D seeks to end the nightmare caused by the textile industry with alternatives and ethical solutions. Association 4D has met actors committed to a sustainable way to make, recycle, reuse, renew and sell textiles. These people work everyday to change the view we have […]

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By Emily Macintosh, EEB Fashion has been earmarked for new green rules as part of an EU masterplan to move Europe away from the ‘take-make-use-throw away’ economy. The EU is consuming as if we had three planets, putting huge pressure on our natural resources. And overproduction and overconsumption of fashion – which has doubled since […]

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