Walk the talk: SDG Walk in Bern, Switzerland

By Platform Agenda 2030 In November, Switzerland’s capital Bern got its first SDG walk. The walk brings life to the SDGs by linking them to existing initiatives and institutions. From the main station via the government building, the city library or a shop selling vegetables and fruits that are not conform to norms in the […]

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1st SDG Dialogue Forum Austria: Building forward better with the 2030 Agenda

By SDG Watch Austria Austrian government officials, civil society and experts discussed current opportunities and challenges of sustainable development caused by the COVID-19 pandemic at the first SDG Dialogue Forum in Austria, jointly organised by the federal administration and civil society representatives (SDG Watch Austria). The first edition of the annual event laid the foundation […]

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European Volunteering Capital 2023

By CEV On 5 December 2021, on the occasion of the International Volunteer Day 2021, CEV announced, during the closing ceremony of the EVCapital Berlin 2021, Trondheim Kommune (Norway) as the European Volunteering Capital 2023. The EVCapital winner announcement shows the local implementation of SDGs through volunteering. Volunteering can help engage people in national planning […]

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On navigating digitalisation and creating alternative narratives

By Forus international Despite restrictions, lockdowns and curfews, millions of people around the world mobilised with intense discussions, agitations and processions, to demand more just, equal and sustainable societies in 2021. All this while witnessing clamp downs on civic freedoms and rights restrictions – both online and offline.  But how did civil society react? This […]

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Building Back Better: Towards achieving SDG 8

By Caritas Europa All across Europe, work still fails to be ‘decent’. Minimum wages that are insufficient to meet basic needs trap many people in in-work poverty. We see increasing forms of non-standard employment that have little to no social protection coverage and a significant informal economy that exposes workers to exploitation. To raise awareness […]

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“Beyond non-commitment” – the first Dutch SDG Spotlight

By SDG Spot Nederland (external resource) The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were signed by all United Nations member states in 2015, the Netherlands included. The Dutch government has committed itself to realise these goals, at home and abroad, by 2030, leaving nobody behind. With this first Dutch SDG Spotlight report titled “Beyond non-commitment”, we are joining […]

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