Annual General Assembly Roundup!

By SDG Watch Europe SDG Watch Europe held its Annual General Assembly on Thursday 9th, June in Brussels. With a full room of members, the in-person meeting offered participants a look back at the various activities of SDG Watch Europe and its Work Strands in 2021, and members gathered into smaller groups for an in-depth […]

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SDG Watch Europe Online Plenary – 29th Nov. 2021

If you haven’t registered yet, please register here! In response to the Covid-19 crisis, the EU has launched a recovery plan, the Next Generation EU (NGEU) fund, and other sub-instruments to help the EU move out of the Covid-19 crisis. Yet, the SDGs have played little of a role in these recovery plans and in the […]

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SOLIDAR STATEMENT – COP26: Time to Put a Global Just Transition at the Centre!

By SOLIDAR ( SOLIDAR strongly believes in the need and urgency for a transition towards climate neutral and more sustainable societies in Europe and all over the planet. However, we are convinced that the transition will only be successful if accompanied by real commitment and action, a clear timeline, as well as appropriate investment towards achieving social justice and the well-being of people. We also strongly believe that these processes should be done in consultation with civil society and the people […]

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Circus Show on Migration/Climate Change in Brussels

By EEB (European Environmental Bureau) 29 October 2021   TOUR & TAXIS – Eight artists and acrobats, four musicians, an impressive scenography and many stories to tell. After a tour of 10 European countries, the contemporary circus company MagdaClan is coming to Tour&Taxis in Brussels from 10 to 13 November to offer you an artistic experience full of reflections on […]

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European Civic Academy 2021

Session III : All for a Better World, but All Fragmented?  By Civil Society Europe Co-organised with Civil Society Europe, SOLIDAR and Fundacja na rzecz Collegium Polonicum, the European Civic Forum invites you to join in Session III of  #EuropeanCivicAcademy 2021!  This session will focus on the theme of Convergence: “All for a better world, but all fragmented?” and will take place on Wednesday, 27 October, […]

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