A Morning To Stamp Out Inequalities

By Marie-Amélie Brun, EEB Inequalities are everywhere and they are growing. Activists organised a guerrilla action at the European Development Days to ask for political actions! META followed them around and here’s what happened.  On 18 June 2019, activists fighting for equality in the EU and around the world gathered at the European Development Days […]

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Europe’s Deepening Inequalities Are Leaving Too Many Behind

By Khaled Diab, EEB Despite the European Union’s commitment to ‘leave no one behind’, millions of people in Europe are falling victim to widening inequalities, a newly released EU-wide report concludes. Meanwhile, European governments are not doing enough to bridge the chasm. On Tuesday 18 June, ‘Falling through the cracks: Exposing inequalities in the European Union and beyond’, […]

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Fossil fuel support is rising again in a threat to climate change efforts

By the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Fossil-fuel subsidies are environmentally harmful, costly, and distortive. After a 3 years downward trend between 2013 and 2016, government support for fossil fuel production and use has risen again, in a threat to efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, and the transition to cleaner […]

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Sustained Pressure For A Sustainable Europe

By Khaled Diab, EEB Civil society organisations from across Europe are urging European Union leaders to make sustainable development the golden thread running through all EU policies. European Union leaders are due to hold a summit in Brussels on 20-21 June 2019 where they will hammer out the EU’s strategic agenda for the coming five […]

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