STAKEHOLDER VIEWS on the next EU budget cycle

Results of the stakeholder survey designed by SDG Watch Europe. Highlights from the 314 stakeholder responses The great majority of the respondents (95.8%) agrees or strongly agrees with the question statement, that the EU budget should be a key driver for a more sustainable future for Europe. When elaborating how the new EU Budget cycle […]

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Sustainability principles for the future EU budget

SDG Watch Europe is putting forward eight sustainability principles to ensure coherence in the future internal and external EU spending and to put sustainability at the heart of the European project. We call on the European Commission, the European Parliament and the European Council to integrate these principles from the very beginning of the financial […]

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First CSO Regional Forum at the UN in Geneva

SDG Watch Europe members attended the first CSO Regional Forum that took place at the UN in Geneva on April 24th 2017. The CSO Forum took place on the day before the official Regional Review of Agenda 2030 by UNECE Member States to establish the progress made to date on implementing Agenda 2030 in the region. Civil society present […]

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SDG Watch Europe Recommendations for Council Conclusions on the EC Communication: Next Steps for Sustainable European Future

SDG Watch Europe is a European, cross-sectoral, civil society alliance committed to supporting the implementation, monitoring and follow up of the 2030 Agenda by the EU and its member states. We believe that the Council Conclusions to be adopted in June 2017 under the Maltese EU Presidency represent an important opportunity for EU member states […]

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SDG Watch Europe Position Paper on establishing a new EU Multi-Stakeholder Platform

The EC Communication entitled “Next steps for a sustainable European future – European action for sustainability” published in November 2016 states that the Commission intends to establish a new EU Multi- Stakeholder Platform as part of its overall implementation of the 2030 Agenda. It states that in order to “ create a dynamic space bringing […]

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SDG Watch Europe had a successful first Annual General Assembly!

The members of SDG Watch Europe gathered for the alliance’s first AGM ever on Feb 1st and 2nd. On Feb 1st they met with a number of MEPs from different EP Committees to speak about the Parliament’s role in SDG implementation and later in the afternoon with representatives from different EU institutions including the EU […]

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Response letter from the European Commission on EU Multi Stake-Holder Platform for Sustainable Development

On 2nd February SDG Watch Europe has received response letter from the European Commission on EU Multi Stake-Holder Platform signed by Mr. Ben Smulders, Head of Cabinet of First Vice-President Timmermans. Please, see the letter below:

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SDG Watch Europe Letter on proposed EU Multi-Stakeholder Platform for Sustainable Development

The recently published Commission Communication, 22 November 2016 – “Next steps for a sustainable European future contains a reference to the EU’s intention to establish a Multi-Stakeholder Platform as part of its overall implementation of the SDGs. As a broad cross-sectoral civil society alliance, SDG Watch Europe welcomes this announcement. The forum proposed, if organised appropriately, would amount to […]

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Statement on the European Commission’s Communication on European action for sustainability

SDG Watch Europe expresses its disappointment following yesterday’s publication of the European Commission’s “Communication on the next steps for a sustainable European future – European action for sustainability”.  The Communication provides little new information about how the EU intends to make Agenda 2030 a reality in Europe or around the world. It is a justification of business-as-usual, which […]

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