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Consumers’ education for sustainable development

6th December 2018 @ 9:00 am - 11:00 am GMT

LOCATION: SOLIDAR – Rue de Pascale, 4/6 – 1000 Brussels

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We are currently facing the alarming consequences of production and consumer choices. “The customer is always right” but individuals’ consumption choices are often overshadowed by limited understanding and knowledge, as well as lack of awareness of the important role they play in the digital and non-digital market.

Taking this impact into consideration commands us to grant a more prominent role to education in the acquisition and development of knowledge, skills, values and attitudes. What role can lifelong learning as education happening throughout life and “lifewide” (i.e. in formal, non-formal and informal education) play to foster citizens’ awareness of sustainability issues through their consumption habits and choices? What is the added value of e-learning and ICT platforms to encourage the transformation of behaviours in these regards?

This debate will seek to address these transversal topics by tackling the role of consumers’ education in today’s societies. The Consortium, leaded by Expertise France, and the European Commission have developed an ICT platform and training method to enable teachers to thoroughly address this topic in the classroom and help them educate young people for the life ahead of them. Consumers’ education is about preparing them for their role as actors in the economic system – creating a better and more sustainable society for all of us by educating the future adults and consumers. ‘Consumer Classroom’ provides a way for teachers to learn about consumer education themselves, and to pass this invaluable information onto their students through cross-curricular projects. Teachers need to be supported in their educational function to shape a new generation of “conscious consumers”.

During the debate we will learn from different perspectives and get to know innovative practices to reduce the gap between our ambitions and the actions that need to be taken, bearing in mind that a lifelong learning perspective to both educators and younger generations is paradigmatic to the success of the SDGs.




6th December 2018
9:00 am - 11:00 am


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