Position on the post 2020 MFF

We call for ambitious reform of the future Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) to advance a Future of Europe that Europeans can believe in. A transformational, people centered, and fully sustainable EU budget holds the key to many of the challenges facing Europe.

SDG Watch Europe input to the Reflection paper on EU finances

SDG Watch Europe input to the Reflection paper on EU finances asking for sustainability proofing the future EU budget based on a set of sustainability principles.

Follow-up and review of the Sustainable Development Goals under the High Level Political Forum

Survey on EU budget

SDG Watch Europe surveyed a range of key EU stakeholders between January and February 2017 to see what they think about how the new EU budget cycle post 2020 can promote sustainable development more effectively than the current one. More than 300 stakeholders responded to the online survey.

Sustainability principles for the future EU budget

SDG Watch Europe endorsed a set of sustainability principles to ensure coherence in the next EU budget cycle, and also to serve the implementation of the SDGs. These sustainability principles along with the SDGs will serve the basis of the sustainability proofing methodology, which SDG Watch Europe will ask the EC, EP and MSs to apply for the next EU budget cycle.

SDG Watch Europe Position Paper on establishing a new EU Multi-Stakeholder Platform

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