By EMILY MACINTOSH, EEB What does democracy mean to you? Democracy means everyone gets a say, no matter gender, race or social class everyone gets a say in how their country is run. What do you think are the main societal challenges facing young people today? Climate change. Climate change is the biggest problem for […]

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Stand Up For Integrity – 2019 EU Elections Pledge

By Matilde Manzi, Transparency International EU Putting Integrity First The European Parliament elections this year are an opportunity for democratic renewal, a renewal that places integrity, openness and fairness at the heart of the European Union. Transparency International is calling on candidates for the European Parliament and the Presidency of the European Commission to commit […]

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Ecofeminist scorecard

By Jane Kenny, WECF We have witnessed groundbreaking environmental campaigns in recent years: Greta Thunberg’s #fridaysforfuture fervour, the #imadeyourclothes anti-fast fashion campaign and the #environmenstrual action, as well as the #breakfreefromplastic movement. Young womxn have mobilised in immense numbers for these environmental issues, but there is another call to action on the horizon. The European […]

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By Make Mothers Matter CIRC4Life is a project funded under the Horizon 2020 programme with 17 partners from across 8 EU countries. It aims to develop 3 business models in 4 sectors based on the circular economy. It will include: co-creation of products and services, sustainable consumption, & collaborative recycling and reuse. The co-creation of […]

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By FTAO The Fair Times campaign is a pan-European campaign coordinated by five civil society network organisations FTAO (Fair Trade Movement), IFOAM-EU (Organic Agriculture), CIDSE (Catholic development agencies), ECOLISE (community led initiatives on climate change and sustainability), and RIPESS-EU (Social Solidarity Economy) calling for a fair and sustainable European consumption and production agenda. The campaign […]

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