European competition law and sustainable co-operation

By The Movement For Community-led Development Does competition law apply to sustainability agreements at all? EU Court rulings excluded certain measures (e.g., rules adopted by legal professional bodies) from  European competition law where “the anti-competitive restrictions in question are inherent in or  necessary for the pursuit of a legitimate objective.” However, the draft guidelines draw […]

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Year 2022 – year of youth!

By LAPAS This year is the “European Youth Year”. Because what the youth has to say about the future has become central, the Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation (LAPAS) and its collaborators, supported by ambassadors of the European Commission in Latvia, have been conducting local face-to-face discussions called “ESi NĀKOTNE” since January.   The discussions occur […]

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Citizens’ Assembly on Biodiversity Loss – Developing a Roadmap for Engagement

By Coalition 2030   On March 22, over 100 people from environmental NGOs and community groups around Ireland joined a zoom call to learn, share, and prepare for the upcoming Citizens’ Assembly on Biodiversity. Coalition 2030 members: the Irish Environmental Network and Cultivate successfully designed and led the gathering with the Coalition coordinator.  At the […]

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Mediterranean SOS Network & Cosmote United for 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

By Christina Kontaxi, MEDITERRANEAN SOS Network (MedSOS) MEDITERRANEAN SOS Network (MedSOS) along with COSMOTE, member of OTE Group, leading telecommunication & pay TV provider in Greece, have initiated and are implementing a pioneer educational programme entitled “Ctrl Shift Save the Climate – Information and Communication Technologies as allies in climate protection”, an initiative which supports Indicator 13.3.1 of […]

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Greener Cities = Healthy Cities

By Chantal Van den Bossche – WECF Communications & Advocacy On the 24 November 2017, WECF (Women Engage for a Common Future), in collaboration with Partners voor een Gezond Leefmilieu (PGL – Partners for a Healthy Living Environment) organized a small seminar in Utrecht, Netherlands with the theme “green in the city”. The event highlighted […]

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Announcement: launch event of Social Justice Ireland’s Sustainable Progress Index (20 Feb 2018)

By Sara Bourke – Social Justice Ireland On 20 February, Social Justice Ireland will launch the 2018 Sustainable Progress Index, measuring Ireland’s progress on Economy, Society and the Environment.  As in previous years, we are interested in measuring real progress by marking the UN World Day of Social Justice with this free seminar looking at […]

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Will the CAP continue to fail to deliver on sustainability?

By Gabor Figeczky- IFOAM Organics International A couple of weeks ago, the European Commission adopted a Communication on the Future of Food and Farming, setting out the EU’s direction for the future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). IFOAM – Organics International believe that the Communication lacks strategy to realise the Commission’s wider intentions to shift towards more […]

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