Italy witnessing change

By ASviS   On 9 March, in a historical move,  the Italian Constitution was modified, adding to its fundamental Principles the protection of the environment, of animals and of future generations. The Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASviS) advocated long for this reform and welcomed this development. The contents of the reform were analysed in an […]

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Could REPowerEU make our sector green and affordable energy suppliers to help shield those most at risk from price hikes?

By Housing Europe   While the majority of the REPowerEU Plan’s objectives can only be implemented in the medium to longer-term, Housing Europe believes that now is the time for affordable and social housing providers to be enabled to supply vulnerable tenants with the energy produced in their buildings. Housing providers have the experience of supporting people […]

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SDG Alliance, MEPs for Agenda 2030

By SDG Alliance   The SDG Alliance is an informal group of like-minded MEPs from different committees and political groups across the European Parliament. Members of the Alliance believe the SDGs should be at the centre of policymaking in the European Parliament and the EU. The SDG Alliance was launched in 2021; it includes 26 members, […]

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Minimum income, it’s time for an EU legal framework

By Caritas Europa The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has a big impact on everyone, but it especially affects the most vulnerable in our societies. In Europe, it has increased the challenge to meet SDG 1 – End poverty; people experiencing poverty are enduring exceptional hardship. A minimum income is the last safety net for people without […]

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European Regional Disability Summit

By European Disability Forum European leaders came together at the high-level European Regional Disability Summit on international cooperation for the first time. The event took place on 8th February 2022 under the auspices of the Global Disability Summit.   The event welcomed 20 high-level speakers and had three excellent moderators—stakeholders from the European Union, United Nations, organisations […]

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